Carsten Nicolai

modell_zur_visualisierungNicolai has been one of of those pariahs for me personally where I seem to see his work all over the place but when it comes to recalling it…nothing!  I always seem to forget his name or what have you but never again!

I of course have a pronounced artistic interest in the territory between art and science and I have tremendous respect for Nicolai for mining this so well.

Nicolai’s work, according to his statements, is meant to give rise to sensory experiences humans would not normally have by translating, for instance, sound waves into visually discernible information. Nicolai gives onlookers otherwise unknowable sensory experiences but, unlike some who work within a similar genre, by doing so in an extremely understated visual language Nicolai is well accomplished at not turning his works into a circus sideshow or a forgettable curiosity. Get it!


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